About - Mission


Our mission is to study all-inclusive and turnkey global lighting solutions to provide a tangible added value and a tailored service.

Every single project is an opportunity for us to prove our strong expertise and to make the most of our great talent assets. 



Our values

our values

Our customers are aware that they can count on us because we extensively know our job: we are glad to offer our experience and competence to transform into solutions the most challenging projects.

  • Care for design, details and choice of materials and technologies
  • Use of certified components with respect to marine regulations
  • Great attention to quality, functionality and comfort
  • Efficient distribution and logistics
  • Green awareness and energy saving are very important to us

Flexibility to your service

flexibility to your service

Ialux means flexibility: our team and our know-how allow us to anticipate, to answer and to fulfill every customer needs, recommending customized solutions quickly.

Respect for the environment

respect for the environment

In Ialux we express the concrete commitment for a sustainable development of each aspect of our job. 

Our lighting fittings are manufactured with ecofriendly materials and processes, streamlining production cycles and resources.

This commitment to environment originates from the firm belief that the quality of projects and products is an essential feature for the quality of life.