Le Laperouse

Le Laperouse is the first of Ponant's six Explorer-class expedition ships. The ship, named for French explorer Jean-Francois de La Perouse, will set sail in june 2018 for its inaugural voyages.

Aboard this ship that states refinement, intimacy and "green" comfort you will explore a range of exclusive destinations in a luxury ambiance.
A unique feature on all of the Explorer-class ships is the Blue Eye Lounge, that is located on the bow at deck zero in the hull beneath the water line.
Blu Eye has two windows shaped line wahle's eyes, which allow to see and hear the passing marine life.





LED Lighting Pax Cabins, Pubblic areas and Corridors

Indoor Technical Luminaires



Technical, professional and service lighting

with high IP protection rating

fittings characterized by specific surface 
treatments ideal for navigation conditions.

Ship name

C 848 - Le Laperouse

Ship owner


Gross tonnage

10.000 t

Other features

Dimensions: 131x18m

Nr of cabins: 96

Nr of passengers: 4324

Decks: 6

Max speed: 18 knots

Sister ships

Le Champlain (2018); Le Bouganville (2019); Le Keguelen 82019); Le Bellot 82020); Le Surville (2020)