Light is crucial in creating suggestions and atmospheres to enhance the project's features. Light is an essential part of the environment and it underlines out volumes, lines and architectures.

A well-lighted space is also able to spread a sense of well-being and to support those living and working there. This is one of the reasons why we decided to produce only LED-technology fixtures of last generation, offering very high quality of light and, furthermore, healthy for the planet.

We do not supply just lighting fittings, but also efficient, smart and dimmable home automation solutions. Light control systems allow to achieve real improvements in terms of energetic efficiency and to create scenic effects with light, changing light intensity of each fitting in an independent way.


  • Downlights
    RA 8 Dixit LED adjustable downlight
    • RA 8 Dixit LED square downlight
    • RA 8 Dixit LED downlight

    Professional downlights developed to meet the widest range of requirements in lighting design.
    It is a very complete and versatile range of fittings, offering high performance and excellent visual comfort, thanks to the high-efficiency LEDs of last generation.

  • Mini downlights
    Mini downlights RA 4
    • Mini downlights RA 4 adjustable with lens
    • Mini downlights RA 4

    The mini downlights have been designed to offer dynamic and versatile solutions for every lighting project.
    The range of LED fittings features a wide availability of luminous beams, super low recessed depth and excellent customization of finishings and light controls.

  • Ceiling lights
    Ceiling luminaires PF 22
    • Ceiling luminaires PF 15
    • Ceiling luminaires PF 30

    The range of ceiling luminaires has been specially designed to be equipped with COB LED sources of last generation, in order to assure lighting quality and high performances.


  • Spotlights
    Perfetto spotlight
    • Perfetto spotlight
    • Perfetto spotlight

    The range offers structured lighting solutions. The spotlights are designed for COB LEDs of last generation, able to produce the best light quality as well as having lighting efficiency and reduction in energy consumption.

  • Exterior wall luminaires
    Balti 150 exterior wall luminaires
    • Balti 80 exterior wall luminaires
    • Miniten exterior wall luminaires

    The wall mounted lights range has been developed to use the new high power LED sources in an innovative design. This elegant and versatile range of fittings meets the lighting requirements providing a pleasant and functional light diffusion.