IALUX offers to the customer

Lighting engineering and manufacturing of LED lighting fittings, specific for the marine market, made in the production site of 20.000 sq.m. in Liscate (Milan).

Linear LED lighting systems, both stiff and flexible, backlight and finishing accessories.

Lighting calculations specifically suitable for customer's demands.

Integration of efficient, smart and dimmable home automation solutions.



Custom made solutions

Lighting consultancy

Beyond the supply of lighting fittings, we are able to support our customers with high level technical competence directly applied to each project.

We offer a tailor made service suitable for every request. Our project managers and site supervisors work in synergy with architects and customers in order to achieve a perfectly integrated project.

We follow each step of the project, from lighting calculation to the offer, from the mock-up to logistics up to an efficient post-sales customer care service.

Synergies for successful projects

Design e risparmio energetico

We follow a customer-oriented policy, supporting the customer in each step of the project, developing lighting renderings, submitting offers with respect to the budget and treating in details all the production process.

We offer tailored solutions to every customer, from product to performances. An efficient and complete turnkey service.

Delivery on time and quality

Delivery on time and with respect to quality

Respect for delivery time granting the quality of the final product: we have at our disposal expertise and abilities to offer to each customer the desired solution, we strongly believe in the collaboration between user and designer.

Our tested working method is based on a close collaboration between our final customer and designer.

The customer imposes needs and schedules, our team of designers makes a proposal and helps the client in finding the best lighting solution, in compliance with time, certifications and eco-sustainable guidelines.

Product customization

Product customization

The dynamic marine market demands a greater specialization in terms of products' research. IALUX offers a customer assistance in picking and choosing the best lighting fitting, going along the customer's requests and seeking a research project.


New buildings

New buildings

IALUX, brand of Ivela, provides a service of lighting design specific for the marine sector. The design service helps to ensure the final lighting quality, as required by the owner, in close relation to shipyards needs.

For a successful project, even the most complex, we offer to our customers a complete lighting design service. A good design is, for us, the one that combines a very high lighting standard with energy savings and visual comfort

Every project is customized and followed-up in all its steps: from creation to 3D rendering of the spaces, to the final light calculation. We are partner of Dialux, Lumsearch and Oxytech.



LED lighting is ideal for naval sector, thanks to low consumptions, long life and resistance to vibrations.

We re-design lighting fittings on the existing architectural shapes. We provide an energy efficiency analysis in order to compare traditional light sources with high efficiency LED sources granting economic saving and more efficiency.

One of our skills is the ability to modify specific features of the product in a way that is compatible with the rest if the system and continue to provide the required performance.